Country Gulliver`s Gerald

окрас ns
дата рождения 14.07.2019
отец  Country Gulliver's Uno-Dei Best ns
мать Captain Coon's Venezia Kiss  of Country Gulliver's g 09
Country Gulliver`s Gerald






Great- Grandparents

Country Gulliver's Uno-Dei Best   MCO - ns

Ch.Country Gulliver's Kasanova Best (as)

Ch. Langstteich's Extra-Class-Blue (аs)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Norma Best  (n 22)

Country Gulliver's MiLady Best  (ns22)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Fellini Great  (ns)

Gr.I.Ch. Afina Best Country Gulliver's  (ns 22)

Captain Coon's Venezia Kiss  of Country Gulliver's  MCO- g 09



Ch. Captain Coon's Quaint  (d 03)

Respsctcoon Sparcler (Black blotched tabby/white)


DK Aloa’s La Luna (creme blotched tabby)

Country Gulliver's Beatris Kiss  (ns) 

Ch WCF, Ch.P. Country Gulliver's PlayBoy (ns 22)

Ch. Country Gulliver's Kiss Fashion   (а 09)