Помет "К" от Avtoritet Best Country Gulliver,s и Catsvill County "Quill" : 15.12.11


Avtoritet Best Country Gulliver,s
Avtoritet Best Country Gulliver,s



Great- Grandparents

Arctic Black of Perfecl Cat MCO 
ns 09 


G.E.CH. Electric Light Silvi-Cola*PL of Perfecl Cat 
MCO ns 

I.CH. N*Arctic Coon,s Red Hot Chili Pepper MCO d 22

L.CH. Fin*Escape,s Hermione MCO ns 

G.I.CH. Babette Top Coon*PL of Perfecl Cat 
MCO f 22 

G.I.CH. Asterion Cat Cabaret*PL MCO d 22

G.I.CH. Wiktoria Alwaro*PL MCO f 22


I.CH. Berta Best Tigrinyi Duh MCO n22

CH. Moscow Star,s Amur,s Tiger MCO n 22

RW(TICA) W.CH.(WCF) Cooncreole Lullabye of Moscow Star MCO n 23

Yankeecats`s Oda Mae of Moscow Star MCO n 03

CH. Magic Tale Kjara MCO n 22

W.CH. WCF Master DGC(TICA) Moscow Star,s Bajun MCO n 23

W.CH. Moscow Star,s Virginia MCO f 03

Catsvill County Quill
Catsvill County Quill